It's that time again! Our next major grants window will open on September1, 2021 with a October1, 2021 deadline. This year we are awarding grants in the amount of $3,001 - $10,000. So if you have great idea for a humanities-based public program in your neck of the woods, be sure to review our grants guidelines and get a proposal in before it's too late. We especially encourage proposals for programs intended to serve typically overlooked communities and rural communities, as well as those that seek to address issues of diversity and equity. If you're new to our grants process (or have any questions in general) please contact us and we'll be glad to walk you through the process. Awards will be decided during the October meeting of our Board of Directors and announced by November. 

Photo Credit: "Interior Dome of State Capitol ~ Des Moines Iowa" by Onasill ~ Bill - 72.6M is licensed with CC BY-NC-SA 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit