The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) recently announced $22.2 million in grants for 224 humanities projects across the country. These grants will enable the production of a 90-minute documentary on singer and civil rights pioneer Marian Anderson, support a Norman Rockwell Museum exhibition on Rockwell’s Four Freedoms series, and bolster the digital infrastructure of the Walt Whitman Archive to allow greater access to this online scholarly repository.

“In these somber times, when every individual, community, and organization in America is feeling the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, it is a joy to be able to announce new projects that will produce vibrant humanities programs and resources for the reopening of our cultural centers and educational institutions,” said NEH Chairman Jon Parrish Peede. “These 224 projects exemplify the spirit of the humanities and their power to educate, enrich, and enlighten.”

Two of these grants will go to project in the state of Iowa, amounting to $12,000 in total support. The Iowa recipients are as follows:

Cedar Falls:
Alison Altstatt
Outright: $6,000 [Summer Stipends]
University of Northern Iowa
Project Title: Wilton Abbey in Procession: Religious Women’s Music and Ritual in the Thirteenth-Century Wilton Processional
Project Description: Research and writing leading to a book about the 13th-century musical and literary culture at Wilton Abbey in England, based on study and analysis of recently rediscovered leaves of a medieval manuscript.

Sharon Quinsaat
Outright: $6,000 [Summer Stipends]
Grinnell College
Project Title: The Active Diaspora: How Protest Forges Transnational Filipino Communities
Project Description: Research for a book on the development of the Filipino diaspora in the United States and Europe, as a case study to understand how diasporas evolve.

Congratulations to these recipients and others. The full list of recipients nationwide can be found here.