Recent Major Grant Awards – Summer 2018

Title of Project: Literary Heroines: Their Times Their Fashions
Sponsoring Organization: Putnam Museum and Science Center, Davenport
Grant: $10,000.00
Project Description: Literary Heroines is an exhibit that utilizes artifacts and costumes to bring to life lead female characters from novels set in the past 200 years and in multiple cultures. The exhibit will feature 12 large vignettes showing the fashions featured in 12 novels chosen for their strong female lead characters. Small cases will display additional costumes, and costumed actresses will accompany the exhibit on weekends. There will also be an interactive portion of the exhibit dedicated to an oral history of local, notable women of business, medicine, academics, and the arts. The objective of this project is to stimulate reading of literature featuring strong female characters, to enhance the reading experience using objects from the Putnam Museum collection that will bring the stories to life, and to reinforce the fact that there are women in our own communities who can inspire us.

Title of Project: 2018 Summer & Fall Education Series
Sponsoring Organization: Des Moines Art Center
Grant: $10,230
Project Description: The 2018 Summer & Fall Education Series features a four-part feminist film series, "Nevertheless, She Persisted". The series includes four lectures by notable scholars and artists, and a documentary film that serves as educational accompaniments to exhibits. The first film in the series will be 9 to 5, starring Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, and Dolly Parton. The film will show in tandem with the exhibit This Woman's Work, and film scholars and the exhibit curator will speak about themes in common between the film and the exhibited works of art.

Title of Project: World Fair-Field International Festival
Sponsoring Organization: Fairfield Cultural Alliance
Grant: $10,060
Project Description: The World Fair-Field International Festival is a one-day festival of cultural celebration in downtown Fairfield, Iowa, coordinated with the annual United Nations' International Day of Peace. The festival will begin with a "parade of nations" through the town square, and will feature many of the city of Fairfield's 80 distinct cultural and ethnic groups, who will share their languages and music and dance customs. The festival will also feature educational cultural histories, specialty foods, crafts, and artifacts from the represented cultures.

Title of Project: Speaking of Work: A Traveling Exhibition of Iowa's Labor and Working-Class History
Sponsoring Organization: Iowa Labor History Society, Iowa City
Grant: $7,542
Project Description: Speaking of Work is a traveling multi-media exhibition that connects Iowa's working people with their pasts through the resources of the Iowa Labor History Oral Project (ILHOP), and award-winning oral history collaboration between the Iowa Labor History Society, the University of Iowa, the State Historical Society, and the Iowa Federation of Labor. The exhibit draws on over 1,200 newly digitized and indexed ILHOP interviews, photographs, and other archival materials to tell Iowa workers' stories through multi-media mobile panels. The exhibit will connect Iowas to their families and communities through historical public programming throughout the state.

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