Articles for August 2021

Since 1971, Humanities Iowa (HI) has been the premier independent nonprofit organization in the state of Iowa focusing on the public humanities. Our original mandate allowed us to redistribute federal funds among the state’s nonprofits, but we have evolved far beyond this mandate over the decades.
HI recently added two new members to its Board of Directors, Miriam Kenning and LaSheila Yates!
It's that time again! Our next major grants window will open on September1, 2021 with a October1, 2021 deadline. This year we are awarding grants in the amount of $3,001 - $10,000.
Pursuant to Humanities Iowa bylaws, the Board of Directors (BOD) will meet on Friday, September 24th, 2021, to conduct its semi-annual meeting. The meeting will begin at 1:00 PM in Ames, Iowa. During the course of the meeting, the BOD will approve major grant awards as well as address issues of policy and procedure.
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