Council Conducted Partnerships (CCP)

Council Conducted Partnerships are funding partnerships between Humanities Iowa and eligible non-profit organizations. A 1:1 cash match is required. Interested organizations may apply for varied amounts based on project scope and available 1:1 cash match. 

Proposals are accepted year-round, and are evaluated upon receipt and awarded by the Executive Committee. Proposals should be submitted via email to humanities-iowa@uiowa.edu and should include a brief narrative, budget and project timeline, as well as the source of the cash match.

Organizations approved for a partnership must send their cash match to Humanities Iowa.  Humanities Iowa then returns the cash match and the approved partnership amount to the organization to administer the project.  Upon completion of the project, the partner organization must submit a brief final narrative, final budget and audience statistics to Humanities Iowa.

Public Programs

Public Programs are programs that originate from Humanities Iowa and are managed by its staff or agents. These include:

The Iowa Poet Laureate
Speakers Bureau
Traveling Exhibits
Voices from the Prairie

For more information on these programs, click on the links in the left menu.