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Dennis Goldford has been at Drake University since 1985, teaching in the areas of political and constitutional theory. With his active interest in American politics, Professor Goldford regularly serves as a political analyst for KCCI-TV in Des Moines and is asked frequently to comment on current political matters by Iowa Public Radio and other various media organizations.

Dr. Goldford is co-author, with Hugh Winebrenner, of the new, 3rd edition of The Iowa Caucuses: The Making of A Media Event (University of Iowa Press), and, most recently, author of The Constitution of Religious Freedom: God, Politics, and the First Amendment (Baylor University Press).

Dr. Goldford is pleased to speak at venues via Zoom or within a 60-mile drive (one-way) from Des Moines.

The Troubling Politics of the 2020s: Looking Back, Looking Forward
American politics has entered a troubling if not potentially dangerous era that erupted in the 2020 elections, but this era did not begin and will not end with the Trump presidency. Why? This presentation will discuss the major factors that have led to our current political conflicts and the challenges we now face. 


Law, Politics and Religion
Despite, or perhaps even because of, the lack of an established church in the United States, religion has always been a factor in our lives and in American politics. What does religious freedom mean in America, and what is the function of the religion clauses of the First Amendment? Additionally, in what sense and to what extent is it legitimate to appeal to religious doctrine and belief when engaged in political argument? Audience members are invited to discuss these questions and raise other issues.

The Iowa Caucuses: Appearance and Reality
How did the Iowa Caucuses come to play such a significant role in presidential politics? What do the caucuses do, and what do they not do, in the races for presidential nominations?