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Donald G. Shurr, is a Certified Prosthetist/Orthotist and Physical Therapist who has lived in Iowa since 1964. An author of many articles and books, Don has taught at the University of Iowa in Physical Therapy for 25 years. In addition, Don was trained in St. Charles, Missouri, to pilot the reenactment boats used during the Bicentennial commemoration of the Corp of Discovery expedition.

Lewis and Clark in Iowa
“Lewis and Clark in Iowa” begins with the story before the expedition: the sale of the Louisiana Purchase to the United States. Tracing the 1803 course from Elizabeth, Pennsylvania to St. Charles, Missouri, Shurr discusses the background of the many “players” of the expedition including York, the engages and Seaman. Moving up the Missouri River focus shifts to events occurring in Iowa such as the death of Sgt. Floyd. An accompanying PowerPoint presentation shows the keelboat and the pirogues with actual photos taken in St. Charles and at the Onawa Lewis and Clark State Park. The audience will be exposed to the many “firsts” that occurred in Iowa, the true peril of this journey and the return of Lewis and Clark to civilization at journey’s end.

Equipment required: computer and projector needed for power point presentation