Humanities Iowa Mission and Grant Program Purpose

Humanities Iowa’s mission is to enhance the civic life, culture, and identity of Iowans. Drawing on history, literature, philosophy, law and other humanities fields, we foster life-long learning, critical thinking and community connections. Established in 1971, Humanities Iowa is an independent nonprofit state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

The humanities are our cultural and intellectual heritage–the sum of human experience, thought and expression. They give us knowledge of the past, insight about the present and wisdom for the future. They teach us about others and help us to know ourselves.

The humanities are also a group of disciplines that both mirror and interpret what human beings have believed, experienced, and celebrated in our time and throughout the centuries. As branches of learning, the humanities include history, literature, languages, philosophy, ethics, law and comparative religion. The history, theory and criticism of the arts are also considered humanities topics. Social sciences that employ qualitative approaches, including cultural anthropology, archaeology, political science, international relations, and interdisciplinary areas such as folklore, women’s studies and American studies, are also fields in the humanities.

Humanities Iowa welcomes applications on themes of ethnicity, diversity and identity. HI believes that the humanities offer the means to bring people together over their various divides and a promise of assistance in the search of the common good.