Humanities Iowa grants support humanities programs for the out-of-school adult public. We are particularly interested in supporting projects that stimulate meaningful community dialogue, attract diverse audiences, are participatory and engaging, and invite discovery of the humanities in interesting and exciting ways.
Collaborative projects involving multiple community organizations that serve a broad constituency are given preference.

Grants are awarded to not-for-profit organizations that serve the Iowan public. Eligible organizations may include:

  • incorporated nonprofit groups
  • institutions of higher education
  • units of federal, state and local governments
  • Native American tribal governments
  • groups of persons that form an association to carry out a project

An organization does not have to be incorporated as a nonprofit or have tax-exempt status to be eligible for Humanities Iowa grants, but for-profit organizations and activities are ineligible.

Grants may be awarded as an outright award or conditionally, with requirements to be filled prior to final approval of award. Grants may also be awarded as challenge match grants requiring documentation of match. All grants have a matching requirement. The applicant organization must contribute or generate support for the project that at least equals the grant request. This support could be in the form of cash contributions or in-kind support from third parties, such as volunteer time or donated space for programs.