Hal Chase

Des Moines Area Community College
Phone: (515) 208-7249
Email: halchasebeyondrace@gmail.com

Hal S. Chase was born in Des Moines during WW2, but grew up in legally segregated Frankfort, KY from eight to eighteen. He taught U.S., African American, and Iowa history at Des Moines Area Community College from 1989 to 2009, and coordinated and contributed a chapter to Outside In: African-American History in Iowa, 1838-2000. He then earned degrees from Washington & Lee University (BA), Stanford University (MA), and University of Pennsylvania (PhD) in American Civilization with an emphasis on African American History.

Outside In: African American History in Iowa 
The program is a 15 minute audio-visual survey of the major people, organizations and events in Iowa’s African American history from its territorial beginning in 1838 to the present. It also emphasizes the African American history of the place where the presentation is made, and Dr. Chase works with local people prior to the presentation to uncover and incorporate this material into the program. In addition, audience members are encouraged to bring their stories, scrapbooks and family albums to the presentation and share their content.

Additional Resources: Outside In: African-American History in Iowa, 1838-2000 (Available for $10 + postage by calling 515-208-7249. All proceeds go to the acquisition, preservation and promotion of African American History in Iowa.)