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O.J. Fargo is a retired Director of Media Services and Social Studies consultant. He is the author of two books on Iowa history on the everyday life of a Civil War soldier and Iowa in the Civil War, as well as 27 booklets on Iowa and Western US history. In addition to researching, writing, lecturing and public appearances, he is also president of an Iowa regiment of Civil War re-enactors.

Just Before the Battle Mother—A Visit from a Civil War Soldier
Mr. Fargo dresses in full Union Army regalia and focuses the first person presentation on an individual Iowa soldier’s Civil War experience. After a brief overview of the state’s involvement, the audience is introduced to a returning Civil War veteran (played by O. J. Fargo). He will detail the experiences of an Iowan during the conflict. During and after the presentation, the audience is encouraged to ask questions and engage in a dialogue with the “soldier,” who stays in character. The speaker will bring an artifact display and full electronic Civil War roster of all men who served in and from Iowa. It can be searched by name, city, county and/or birthplace.

Greyhounds and Hawkeyes—Iowa in the Civil War
The program details Iowa’s involvement in the Civil War from Ft. Sumter to the surrender at Appomattox. Although he focuses on the everyday experiences of a soldier in the field, Mr. Fargo also describes the situation on the home front and politics of the era. Audience questions are welcome.