Harry Brod

Cedar Falls

Harry Brod is a child of Holocaust survivors and a child of the 60’s. Both heritages shape his commitments to justice as expressed in decades of teaching, writing, and activism. He holds a PhD in Philosophy and is currently Professor of Sociology and Humanities at the University of Northern Iowa.

His most recent book is Superman is Jewish?: How Comic Book Superheroes Came to Serve Truth, Justice and the Jewish-American Way. Dr. Brod served as Director of the Iowa Regent Universities Men’s Gender Violence Prevention Institute and on the board of Directors of the American Men’s Studies Association. He was a member of the Iowa Governor’s Task Force for Responsible Fatherhood and the American Philosophical Association’s Committee on Public Philosophy. He received the Harry Cannon Award for Exemplary and Sustained Contributions to the Field of Men’s Studies from the American College Personnel Association’s Standing Committee for Men as well as the Leadership and Service Award from the Men’s Center of Saint John’s University (MN), and held a Fellowship in Law and Philosophy at Harvard Law School.

He is the father of two children.