Recent Major Grant Awards – Summer 2017

Title of Project: A Hero Among Us
Sponsoring Organization: Thaler Holocaust Education Trust, Cedar Rapids
Grant: $10,000
Project Description: This project tells the story of 94 year old World War II veteran John Gualtier.As eyewitness to the Nazi atrocities, he tells of the utter shock and incomprehensible scope of tragedy that would unfold in the days and weeks after liberation of a concentration camp in Mauthausen, Austria.  Of equal importance, he explains how his life was shattered by what is now recognized as PTSD and how the power of telling one's story provided healing to his deep psychological wounds.

Title of Project: Mies/Weese at Drake: Where We Live and Work
Sponsoring Organization: Drake University, Anderson Gallery, Des Moines
Grant: $10,000
Project Description: 'Where We Live and Work' investigates campus and building designs created fro Drake University by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Harry Weese and Associates in teh 1960's and 1970's.

Title of Project: Man in Purple
Sponsoring Organization: Muscatine Independent Film Festival, Muscatine
Grant: $4,050
Project Description: 'Man in Purple' will be the first of a series of historical film productions of the rich history of Muscatine.  'Man in Purple' tells the story of the one and only Norman G. Baker.

Title of Project: Denmark: America's Largest and Smallest Ally
Sponsoring Organization: Museum of Danish America, Elk Horn
Grant: $8,517
Project Description: This exhibition will focus especially on three parts of Danish-American history that will be unfamiliar to most visitors: the transfer of the U.S. Virgin Islands; the U.S. military bases on Greenland, which is a Danish territory; and the 21st century involvement of Denmark in U.S. led coalitions in Afghanistan, Iraq and other sites of present conflict.

Title of Project: Stout Hearted Men - Production Phase
Sponsoring Organization: New Mile Media Arts, Iowa City
Grant: $10,000
Project Description: This film documentary project presents Iowa native George Stout's story as soldier, scientist, and arts conservationist, being told with teh aid of historic footage, documents and scholarly interviews.

Title of Project: 2017 Meskwaki Art and Culture Symposium
Sponsoring Organization: Sac and Fox Tribe of the Mississippi in Iowa, Tama
Grant: $9,180
Project Description: This grant will help sponsor the Historical Preservation Department's 2017 Meskwaki Arts and Culture Symposium on October 9, 2017.  The event is a celebration of Meskwaki art and artists working in a variety of mediums and provides a rare opportunity for tribal members, humanist scholars, and the general public to learn about methods, materials, design motifs, and cultural meaning behind art created by Native artists living in Iowa.

Title of Project: In Their Boots
Sponsoring Organization: Paws and Effect, Des Moines
Grant: $7,500
Project Description:  This is a collaborative project with Des Moines Area Community College and other sponsors to bridge the divide between Iowans' recent military experiences and those that live in their communities.

Title of Project: Dr. Mohana Rajakumar Discusses Transnationalism, Authorship and Immigration
Sponsoring Organization: Morningside College, Sioux City
Grant: $10,000
Project Description: Grant funds will promote discussions of the humanities, transnationalism, authorship and immigration by bringing professor and writer Dr. Mohana Rajakumar to the Morningside College campus and greater Sioux City community for a series of exciting engagement activities.

Title of Project: Out on the Wire
Sponsoring Organization: Central College, Pella
Grant: $4,100
Project Description: Central College welcomes Jessica Abel, graphic novelist and author, to speak on campus about the art and craft of storytelling with creative writing students and community members.

Title of Project: Riding the Rails to Hero Street
Sponsoring Organization: The Moline Foundation, Moline, IL
Grant: $7,350
Project Description: 'Riding the Rails to Hero Street' will tell the first chapter of an epic American saga of Mexican immigrant families and their journey from their revolutionary war-torn homeland to jobs and homes in the Midwest during World War I.

Title of Project: Prewar Railcar Project
Sponsoring Organization: Danville Station, Danville
Grant: $10,000
Project Description: This project will fund an exhibition and of a prewar rail car similar to the railcars used to transport Holocaust victims.  The exhibition will also serve as a tribute to the children whose lives were exterminated during WWII.

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