Mississippi Riverboat Captain and owner operator of The Maiden Voyage, a working river boat on the Upper Mississippi River.
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After working for a number of years after high school in Commercial Fishing, Clamming and Trapping, Robert realized a young man should not hitch his wagon to a dying industry. Today, commercial fishing, clamming and trapping has all but disappeared. He witnessed the death of these industries.

The Day of the Hunter Gatherer 
A hands-on, interactive experience covering the following topics.
Marquette and Joliette – the role they played on the Upper Mississippi River
Early Fur Industry – trading with Native Americans and the Hatting Industry
Clamming Industry – Mother of Pearl Buttons
Pearling Days – Worlds finest Fresh Water Pearls
The Cultured Pearl Industry – Mother of Pearl clam shell beads
Fishing as a way of life – The rough fish industry
The Old World Way of Clamming and Fishing
New technologies – new ways to fish, new ways to use the fish
Health and Status of the Great Mississippi River – Invasive species