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Robert Vavra is a Mississippi Riverboat Captain and the owner and operator of The Maiden Voyage, a working river boat on the Upper Mississippi River. After working for a number of years in commercial Fishing, clamming and trapping, Robert realized a young man should not hitch his wagon to a dying industry. Today, commercial fishing, clamming and trapping has all but disappeared. He witnessed the death of these industries.

The Day of the Hunter-Gatherer 
A hands-on, interactive experience covering the following topics:
Marquette and Joliet—the role they played on the Upper Mississippi River.
Early Fur Industry—trading with Native Americans and the hatting industry.
Clamming Industry—Mother of Pearl buttons.
Pearling Days—world's finest freshwater pearls.
The Cultured Pearl Industry—Mother of Pearl clam shell beads.
Fishing as a way of life—the rough fish industry.
The Old World way of clamming and fishing.
New technologies—new ways to fish, new ways to use the fish.
Health and Status of the Great Mississippi River—invasive species.