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Sara Maniscalco Robinson, a native of Boone, has served in the Iowa National Guard since 1997 as a broadcast journalist. This service has enabled her to travel the world and learn about story telling in some of the worlds harshest climates, including winters in Germany and Kosovo and summers in El Salvador and Egypt.

In 2007, Sara was asked to volunteer to interview some veterans to help The Iowa Gold Star Museum on a video project for their upcoming POW exhibit. What started as a volunteer opportunity quickly evolved into a mission to interview our nations heroes before the stories of their service are lost with the veterans who carry them.

Sara founded the Iowa Veterans’ Perspective in 20017 in hopes of continuing the veteran storytelling program. She often presents to churches, veteran’s groups, youth camps and much more. She focuses on letting the veterans tell their own stories through her powerful videos using historical photos and video to better tell the story. Her passion for storytelling and ability to speak with veterans in their own language makes her the perfect catalyst for veteran and civilians to connect with each other.

Hear Iowa Veteran's Stories In Their Own Words
Surviving a Prisoner or War (POW) Camp, describing the sight, sounds and smells of Vietnam, feeling the bitter cold of a Korean winter. Sara has heard them all and wants to share these amazing first-hand accounts with you. No one speaks better about the experiences of war than the veterans themselves. Sara preserves these stories through video to help educate the public about life in the military. You will hear accounts of the day Pearl Harbor was bombed and the morning the Twin Towers were attacked, what it was like to be a woman in the military in WWII and what it feels like to be in and IED explosion driving across Iraq.