Humanities Iowa will consider proposals from colleges, universities, area education agencies and school systems for planning and conducting seminars in the humanities for elementary, secondary and post-secondary teachers. Special considerations for such grants are:

  • Academic credit, stipends, or both credit and stipends can be offered for such seminars.
  • Primary emphasis must be given to humanities topics rather than curriculum design or teaching methods.
  • Those who lecture or conduct workshops must be professional scholars in one or more humanities disciplines.
  • Planning committees must include scholars, teachers and administrators as appropriate. The means and criteria for selecting the enrollees should be explained in the proposal.
  • The project director and principal humanities scholar may be the same person. Any payment to the project director shall be as an honorarium for the presentation only, not for administrative duties. Salary for administrative duties may be included as part of the cash contribution for cost-sharing.
  • A sponsor may calculate normal tuition for the seminar participants as a part of the cost sharing, provided that the tuition is waived for those in the seminar.
  • An agenda and list of texts to be used must be submitted as part of the proposal, subject to HI approval and/or adjustment.