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Steve McGuire is an Associate Professor in Curriculum and Instruction and in The School of Art and Art History at the University of Iowa where he teaches "What Is Storytelling For?" He is a contemporary traditional storyteller and has performed across the United States and in Mexico and Canada.

Brimming with Stories
Iceland exists as a landscape thick with place names, many dating from the Age of Saga, approximately 930-1030. In 2002 and 2003 Steve traveled Iceland by cycle, completing 1400 miles along the route of the “ring road” and into the North Fjords, West Fjords, and Snæfellsnes Peninsula. Along the way residents shared their stories. For instance: Axel, a farmer at the farmstead Bjarg, dating back to before the year 1000, took Steve to the place on his farmstead where saga hero Grettir The Strong’s head is buried; Einar, whose family has lived on Hofsnes farm since before 1400, told him of Ingolfshofdi, where Ingolfur Arnason, Iceland’s first settler made landfall; at Helgafell on the north of Snæfellsnes Peninsula Steve was taken to the grave of saga heroine Gudrun dating 1085. What is remarkable is that every person Steve visited with wove place and saga, their daily experience of the relationship between landscape and story. In this presentation, Steve will tell these stories and show some of the still images and video of Iceland.

The American Discovery Trail: Iowa Route 
This program consists of stories of Iowans and the landscape of the 504 miles of the American Discovery Trail, part of Iowa’s Millennium Legacy Trails system.